SimCity forces down our digital throats

EA Games is going to kill one of the greatest games in history with it's invasive marketing tactics. It's time for Microsoft or another player to come out with a non idiot version of the game.

EA Games SimCity Origin

DON'T BUY IT!!!!!! Find an alternative to SimCity

  1. You MUST create an account in order to install SimCity!!
  2. You MUST be connected to the internet to install the game.
  3. You MUST ALWAYS be connected to the internet to play this game so airplane use is out.
  4. You MUST download and install the Software.
  5. You MUST like it or lump it.
  6. Privacy issues abound with defaults that share your data with the online community.
  7. If you have a rainy day and your internet connection goes out you cannot play at all.

To the makers of SimCity: EA Games

  1. Thanks for wasting my time with your constant pleas for me to like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter.
  2. I DON'T want to like you on Facebook.
  3. I will NEVER follow you on twitter.
  4. I will not sign up for your newsletter.
  5. It bothers me that the disk I bought from Wal-Mart does not even have the actual game on it. It only has the Origin software and then you have to download it all from the internet.
  6. I have launched the game three times and it is still updating. AND IT TAKES FOREVER!!!

Good games are all about the GAME and not a bunch of external apps to connect with.

I have uninstalled the game and will try to return it.

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