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Google Chrome Security Holes

To see how open your passwords are in Chrome, copy and paste "chrome://settings/passwords" into Chrome and hit "Enter," to see Chrome's page for managing passwords. This window will pop up: Clicking "show" reveals all saved passwords in plain text for all to see. False sense of security is worse than no security at all? No thanks, Google Chrome. I'll stick with Internet Explorer.

Alternatives to Penny Auctions

If you are a penny auction addict, or think you might want to be, check out how the industry is responding to the issues with the traditional online auctions and penny auctions. Responding companies like are a true answer to the issues in the online auction industry, and consumers are loving it.

Home Depot Email Blast with "ass" in the title

Home Depot resorted to Curse words in their ads. Is that really necessary?  Big Ass Fans from Home Depot. Is that really necessary? Good job, Home Depot. I noticed your ad. Maybe not in the way you intended.

Selling Your RV to a Scammer Can Cost You $$$$$$$$$

Are you trying to sell your RV? Have you decided to upgrade or maybe you’ve decided that the RV lifestyle just isn’t for you. Whatever your reason for selling, you have many options to go about it. You can sell privately, you can sell to a dealer, you can sell on consignment and the list goes on. There are many choices. So which method is

Benefits of Using Insured Plumber in Houston

when it comes to hiring a plumber in Texas, many people feel they don't need to. In many cities, it is not required to use a master plumber for new installs or repairs, allowing the homeowner to save money and make repairs themselves. Two stories come to mind when someone asks me if they should hire a licensed, insured plumber or do it themselves, and yes, they are both disaster stories.

SimCity forces down our digital throats

It's time for Microsoft or another player to come out with a non idiot version of the game. DON'T BUY IT!!!!!! Find an alternative to SimCity You MUST create an account in order to install SimCity!! You MUST be connected to the internet to install the game. You MUST download and install the Software.

Google Adsense equivalent from Microsoft

The closest thing I have found is:, but that is only for Windows 8 and Window Phone.

Should refrigerators be air tight?

Should refrigerators be air tight? I'm not a rocket scientist, but the newer refrigerators coming out have dust trails at the end points due to crappy weather-stripping. My wife's grandma has a refrigerator from 1936 that is still running, never been serviced, and is cold, cold, cold. I wonder if I would have paid more for my $1,000.00 refrigerator if I could have gotten a better quality weather-s

Are you really saving money shopping at Walmart?

Here is the scenario: Person needs shoes. CP goes to Wal-Mart and purchases simple shoes for $9.00. CP notices that in as little as a month his shoes are falling apart.

Reasons not to use AT&T U-VERSE

They're new slogan is "Rethink Possible", I wonder if they meant "I didn't think it was possible that a simple TiVo type could take longer to boot up than Windows."
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