Google Chrome is facing heavy fire these days since the news has come out of its latest security holes - a way to see any saved password you have stored across the web (using Chrome) in plain text on the page. While this portal may be helpful to the user for retrieving forgotten passwords, it presents a huge security risk for anyone using Google Chrome. Anyone who borrows a user's computer for a few minutes could be privy to any and all stored passwords, quickly memorizing them (or copying and pasting them to an email or document for themselves), and the thief then has access to all your stored accounts across the web.

To see how open your passwords are in Chrome, copy and paste "chrome://settings/passwords" into Chrome and hit "Enter," to see Chrome's page for managing passwords. This window will pop up:

Clicking "show" reveals all saved passwords in plain text for all to see.

Google Chrome's head of security Justin Schuh's response seems to be that if you get hacked, the hacker will gain all that information anyway, and a master password to protect it might provide the user with a false sense of security.

False sense of security is worse than no security at all? No thanks, Google Chrome. I'll stick with Internet Explorer.

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