Reasons not to switch to AT&T U-Verse

They're new slogan is "Rethink Possible", I guess they meant "I didn't think it was possible that a simple TiVo type could take longer to boot up than Windows."

  1. AT&T U-Verse uses your TV's sleep mode to advertise their new features, wasting your electricity showing a constantly running blue screen saver with the words "AT&T U-VERSE", new tips and features instead of shutting off after a couple hours of non interaction.
  2. It records shows well, but 'skips forward' very slowly and unpredictably.
  3. When viewing the channel guide, pressing the "Channel Up" button on the remote control takes you lower in the channels even though in normal viewing mode the "Channel Up" buttons take to you to the higher numbered channels.
  4. Even with the "Lock Out Mode" enabled, nasty titles still show up when searching for movies or shows.
  5. It takes longer to start up than Windows!
  6. Movie descriptions in the preview screen are shortened by "Now available in DVD" and other non-description related info.
  7. Controls are all messed up. "Back" is only a back button in some cases. There is a NSEW button control that takes you any direction other than back.
  8. You must press "OK" to watch TV and get it off the sleep screen. no shortcuts, no channel button, nothing.
  9. Clicking the "Power" button does not turn off the TV, It only puts the AT&T device in sleep mode, you must hit "Power" button twice to fully turn off the TV.
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