Home Depot resorted to Curse words in their ads. Is that really necessary? 

Big Ass Fans from Home Depot. Is that really necessary?

This email blast came to me on a subscribed list, as I am a "pro" with Home Depot, which just means I am a commercial customer at their retail establishment. The subject line of the email read "Pro Selections get them Now!" which is similar to their usually email subjects alerting you to limited time deals available to only the "pros" who receive the email blasts. There is was, 2nd picture, touting their "big ass fans". As a reputable company, does it really behoove them to curse in their business ads and exchanges?

If you make it far enough to click through the ad, you find out that "Big Ass Fans" is actually a fan company, who apparently loves attention. For me, the damage is done, I immediately thought Home Depot had lost all its class, and I think I still do.

 Maybe the world is becoming more accustomed to everything being vulgar and ads continually need "shock" value to attract. Maybe Home Depot believes their target audience for this particular email blast would like the language, possibly using it themselves or simply wouldn't mind it. I just see a professional company being highly unprofessional. Whether you curse yourself or not, in the world of business, there is professionalism to be upheld, and the more often you cross that line, the more the line will disappear, until there is no line left.

Good job, Home Depot. I noticed your ad. Maybe not in the way you intended.


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Turns out that it's the name of the company. 'Big Ass Fans'

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So Classy!!!!!

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Is this a new thing? I've never heard of them doing this in the past.

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