Selling Your RV to a Scammer Can Cost You $10,000 or more!!

Are you trying to sell your RV? Have you decided to upgrade or maybe you’ve decided that the RV lifestyle just isn’t for you. Whatever your reason for selling, you have many options to go about it. You can sell privately, you can sell to a dealer, you can sell on consignment and the list goes on. There are many choices. So which method is best for you? Unfortunately, there are risks involved with some of these methods of selling. Scams abound in the RV selling industry and if aren’t careful you could be the victim of one.

One of the many scams out there has duped unsuspecting sellers into losing thousands. This scam involves an interested buyer contacting you about the RV or motorhome you have up for sell. This interested buyer will typically exchange emails with you to negotiate the deal. Once a deal has been reached the buyer agrees to send a check for the purchase price. However, the buyer really sends a check for the agreed upon purchase price plus an additional sum of money. Sometimes this can be as much as $10,000 over the purchase price. The seller is asked to deposit the check into his or her account, retrieve the surplus amount and give it to the person that will be arriving to pick up the RV. This request may seem innocent enough but the buyer knows that it may take up to 10 days for his check to clear. In the meantime, you will complete the transaction with the person that comes to retrieve the motorhome. All is well until your bank calls saying that the check was fake and you are now on the hook for the surplus amount that you withdrew. Now you’ve lost your RV and you owe the bank up to $10,000. Not the scenario you wanted to find yourself in.

The good news is that scams can be avoided. Scammers will always come knocking on your door if you have something to sell, but if you are diligent about looking out for the small hints and clues of a scammer it may be possible for you to avoid getting duped. If you don’t have time for the hassle of trying to figure out every buyer’s true intention, then you can choose a reputable RV buyer, like Sell RVs Now, that will buy your used motorhome directly from you. The process is quick and easy while still giving you a fair price. There are no uncertainties, no suspicions, just an honest and easy transaction.

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