Are you really saving money shopping at Walmart?

Low, low prices everyday. Save a few dollars today to spend more later. Like financing?

Here is the scenario:

  1. Computer Programmer needs shoes.
  2. CP goes to Wal-Mart and purchases simple shoes for $9.00.
  3. CP notices that in as little as a month his shoes are falling apart.
  4. CP goes back to Walmart  and purchases another pair of shoes?

Scenario #2:

  1. Computer programmer buys a cap for $3.00.
  2. CP washes the ball cap every day.
  3. In as little as three weeks the hat begins to unravel.
  4. CP goes back to Walmart to buy another hat?

$108.00 per year for shoes that never see any real action? $52.00 per year for hats? Really? Why do these items fall apart so fast? Now multiply this scenario times every cheap item you buy at Walmart and then ask yourself, in the long run, am I really saving money shopping at Walmart?

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