Are there any fair alternatives to Beezid and DealDash?

I will tell you, Yes. Penny auctions aren't all bad. In fact, the allure of the penny auction is seen by the success of these companies and the growing user base they have. Even the people complaining about the bidding wars and the timers that never end, still break down and join in on the action from time to time. Who wouldn't? The thought of something for nothing (or for very, very low prices) can get just about any savvy spender to take a peek now and then. So how can you satisfy your thirst for deals without going through the annoyance of unfair auctions and last-man-standing timers? 

You aren't the first to find issues with penny auctions. In fact, the marketplace is fighting back, finding fair alternative to the penny auctions that still bring the thrill of the bargain hunt and the rock bottom prices of high quality products. Websites like are offering similar penny auction pricing without the penny auction hang-ups. No bid wars, no fake timers, no shills, better pricing, up to 10 winners per auction and more. All the good of a penny auction and none of the bad.

If you are a penny auction addict, or think you might want to be, check out how the industry is responding to the issues with the traditional online auctions and penny auctions. Responding companies like are a true answer to the issues in the online auction industry, and consumers are loving it.

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