Allegedly from: Carlos Sainz, International Finance Corporation:

International Finance Corporation
World Bank Group
Ministry of Economy and Finance.
Alcalб, 9. 28071 Madrid, Spain.
Phone: + 34 911 875 56

Attn my Dear,

I was instructed to contact you based on your outstanding payment through our affiliated Bank (Fidelity Trust Bank) After the meeting with the board of directors held this morning , we deliberated on your funds which were rerouted to Fidelity Trust Bank UK for onward remittance to your nominated bank account.

At this juncture, You are hereby advise to contact the paying bank in requesting for their release of your fund, as all protocols has been observed to that effect. Be informed that your accredited Debit Note Application Form number is FNFM/XX356738-PU4K013. Transfer file
number:EKEF4XXX7689/UFKR$OTg492e20 Account number: 0707W5945669354

In view of this, You are hereby urgently advise to contact them with the following information listed below.

Fidelity Trust Bank plc
Address: 45 Canada Square
London E14 5HQ
Telephone: +44 770 003 1012
+44 770 003 1012
Fax: 44-844-774-5506
E-mail :
Contact Person : Pastor Douglas Flint

Inform us as soon as you contact them as we are here to direct you accordingly.Send them your full name and your address with your occupation and telephone number so that they will crosscheck it with the one we sent them.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sn Carlos Sainz
European Entrepreneursa
Madrid, Spain

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yes, Agent Amalia Ramiro Reyes was his context name claiming to be a agent for IFC program claiming to be a empowerment program with you. He claimed to be with a award bonus program. His phone number is 916-538-4209 . This is a scam please look into this scam artist

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