Re: Humanitarian Project

Allegedly from: Mr. Billington

Good Day,

I hope this mail gets to you in the best frame of mind. I am sorry if I am intruding into your privacy by contacting you through this means.  I actually got your email from your country's web email-directory. I do hope you listen with your heart as you read through my "Letter". I have been directed by the spirit of humanity to you hoping you will be fair enough to respond to this task that I shall be putting forward to you. As you rightly know, our today's world is governed by greed, wickedness, hostility and hatred. People no longer feel safe dealing with close friends, relatives, neighbors and loved ones as trust are often betrayed by people you least expected.

I am Mr. William G. Billington from the United Kingdom but I am now undergoing medical treatment for Lung cancer and the doctors confirmed I have few months left to live. I was married without a child and my wife died after a brief illness in 2009. I need you to help me do this in good faith, as I have entrusted you in this endeavor. My reason for contacting you is to combine our ideas to touch the lives of the less-privilege in the world. Somehow, since the doctor had confirmed my situation that I will not live long, I have decided to give out my wealth/fund to the poor. I have a Deposit sum of Fifty Million United States Dollars with my Bank in the United Kingdom. You will get 20% as your share if interested. I will want to help the less privilege with your help by building an orphanage homes in my name for the less privilege babes and making donations to several charities around the world. I now feel safer dealing with strangers than people I know due to constant betrayals I have  received from loved ones 

You must keep your knowledge and involvement in this project to yourself only till all necessary procedures are meant. To begin this process, kindly send me your Full names, Full address, date of birth, phone, Occupation and also any form of ID. As soon as I have them, I shall forward to my attorney in the United Kingdom. With this information's my Attorney will begin the preambles of preparing all necessary legal documentations in your name {Change of Ownership} and lodge it with the probate registry of the High Court here in the United Kingdom. This document as well as the Certificate of Fund Deposit issued by the bank when the fund was deposited will be release to you. This will give you the legal backing to receive the funds. This is very legal hence we are going to observe all legalities.

If you are really ready, competent and capable in all terms for this project, please let me know so I advice you further on this project. Please know my cause is legal and not fraudulent. I have never been part of anything illegal in my life and I will never do that in this short time left on earth. If you are not ready for this project, Please reply through my email address.

Thanks and God bless you.

Mr. William Billington
United Kingdom
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