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So you want me to click on the link huh? Should I download the virus too?


You have a new Voice Message!  
Message Details:  
Time of Call: Nov-10 2013 07:47: 47
Lenth of Call: 47sec

 http:// 12ofertas dot com/msg.php?message=a8BvqC/di9dtLZw

*If you cannot play, move message to the "Inbox" folder.  
2013 WhatsApp Inc  

50 people that have visited this site have received this communication.
Have you ever received this communication through email or email forms?

Ignore it! Why you ask?

Email Spoofing

Sometimes you can receive an email from someone and the return address is from a trusted domain name even though the email was not sent by the domain in question. This is called email spoofing.

Prompts you to download a file or .PDF

Never open files from senders you do not know or trust.

Emulates a popular service

This email attempts to emulates a popular internet service hoping to get you to click on the link.

Ignore it! Ignore it!

If you can't report it, it's best to simply ignore email scams altogether.

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