Please read this slowly and carefully - Thorsten Nikolay

Allegedly from: Mrs. Julian Nona Nikolay


Please read this slowly and carefully, my name is Mrs. Julian Nona Nikolay and i am a 63 years old woman. I was married to late Mr. Thorsten Nikolay who is my husband, who was a seasoned contractor in Qatar. He died on, 7th July 2004 in Qatar.

My late husband and i were married for years without a child of our own and after his death i decided not to re-marry or get a child outside my matrimonial home. As i speak to you, i am terminally ill and bed ridden, of which the doctors have confirmed and told me that i would not live long, having accepted my condition i decided to entrust some fund my husband and i have work for US$ 3.2 Million deposited in Europe in a joint fix deposit account, to either a philanthropic organization or devoted individual that will utilize this money for charitable activities. 30% of the money is allocated to you, to ensure that you are prepared for the task, the balance 70% of this money will be used by you in all sincerity to fund philanthropic organization, orphanages.

The money will be a waste if i die (if you die???) that why i have come to a conclusion of donating the money out to the less privilege and the motherless baby’s home.

I am taking this decision because i don't have any child or devoted relations whose behavior has left much to be desired, my husband's only brother is an addicted smoker and drinker who spends his money on expensive drinks and unnecessary things above all I don't want a situation where this money will be used in an unGodly manner, hence my bold decision to contact you, a total stranger. Since my health is regressing by the minute, you will have to tell me a little about yourself, (I'm 38, married, like long walks on the beach, hiking) because I got your email address from the Internet.

Until I hear from you, I pray that this letter bring you and your family good tidings.

God be with you.

Mrs. Julian Nona Nikolay

PS. please send me all your money and your bank info... and I will return to you 3.2 million. hahahahahah

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