Allegedly from: Calvin Kong

Pacific Law Group Chamber
Western Australia
Tel: +11111111111

Attention Please,

Your e-mail address came up in a random draw conducted by my law firm, Pacific Law Group Chamber in Western Australia.

My name is Barrister Calvin Kong (Esq.). A personal attorney to my late client Mr. Ken Talbot who own a multi million firm here in Australia, Mr. Ken Talbot well known Philanthropist, before he died in plan crash (Plan Crash?) on the 19 June 2010, he made a WILL in my law firm stating that GBP 3,700,000.00 (Three Million Seven Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) only should be donated to any Philanthropist of our choice outside Australia (Overseas).

My chambers conducted a random draw which was supervised by the Ministry of justice, The attorney General of Australia and the Bank where the money was deposited by my late client Mr. Ken Talbot, and your name and e-mail address was picked as the beneficiary to this (WILL). (Oh Snap)

I am particularly interested in securing this money from the Bank, because they have issued a notice instructing my chamber to produce the beneficiary of this Will within two weeks which happens to be you or else the money will be credited to the Government treasury as per law here in my country Australia.

It is my utmost desire to execute the Will of our late client. You are required to contact me immediately to start the process of transferring this money to any of your designated official bank account. I urge you to contact me immediately for further details bearing in mind that the Bank has given us a date limit.

Please contact me urgently via my direct telephone number as follows: +1111111111


Barrister Calvin Kong

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