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attn, dear, i sent severally mail to you but my message kept bouncing back as failure delivery. I am Marthew accountant/Auditing officer First Citizens Bank at 309 Sw 6th Ave 100, Portland, Or 97204. Actually, i was going through my file today and i saw that your funds has been on pending for a long time here in our banking system and i want to let you know that i can help you get your funds with the power i gathered here but i will urge you to give me 20% of your total funds (You can urge all you want), if you agree with this please lets proceed immediately. Please don't call me during working hour, i can accept call regarding this starting from 9pm Oregon time. Test to me on this phone number : +1 5418553810. Respectively Marthew. (OK, I will test you on that number later...)

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