Your Neighborhood Predator Alert  No. 11558454

Even though this email seems to be a friendly alert that will help keep you and your kids safe, the real purpose is of course SPAM, SPAM, SPAM. If you want to know about predators in your neighborhood, call your city and ask for the real website.

Neighborhood Predator Alert
Alert #15584545

Date: October.28.2014


Our data indicates that a child predator resides in your neighborhood. Once a sex offender relocates, this information becomes publicly available on our website.

To maintain safety, it is very important that you know who these predators are and where they reside.

Go here to see preditor information for your neighborhood 


131 people that have visited this site have received this communication.
Have you ever received this communication through email or email forms?

Ignore it! Why you ask?

Can you trust this company?

Have you ever heard of this company before? Do they have a WORKING phone number? Are they even real?

Can you trust the sender?

A good email system and a bit of searching would tell you that the ip address is from another domain and if you do a quick search on the reply to email address that this person or "SEO" company has been email spamming, forum spamming and more.

Communication contains suspicious links

Links can hide a lot of information. Some links have query string attached to them that mask hidden data that may give a spammer some indication that your email address is valid.

Ignore it! Ignore it!

Sometimes the spam is intended to hurt the reputation of a competitor. That's why it's best to simply ignore email spam altogether.

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