Why wont you respond to my message?

Jennifer wants to know. Because your probably an ugly guy. (oh and I'm married.)

Hi sweetie, my name is Jennifer and I'm 23 y.o.

I've found a new feature in my profile which allows me to add people with whom I wanna date without any obligations.
I think you understand what I mean... ;) You're so cute and I think we can perfectly spend some time together...

You can find my profile here:  graystupicreadyandhot4locals.comlinkbad

All Yours,

102 people that have visited this site have received this communication.
Have you ever received this communication through email or email forms?

Ignore it! Why you ask?

Can you trust the sender?

A good email system and a bit of searching would tell you that the ip address is from another domain and if you do a quick search on the reply to email address that this person or "SEO" company has been email spamming, forum spamming and more.

Ignore it! Ignore it!

Sometimes the spam is intended to hurt the reputation of a competitor. That's why it's best to simply ignore email spam altogether.


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jenfier hookup with chris bradley

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